Celsius Stovepipe Enamel Thermometer

Beautiful and highly-visible orange and white dial design. Deploys genuine glossy vitreous enamels, realised in our France production facility. Highest-quality magnetic stovepipe thermometer, calibrated for single-wall flue pipes. Displays safe temperatures at a glance. Packaged in easily-recyclable polymer manufactured in France, with concise instructions in French and English.

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Thermometer use diagram


Why it is intelligent to use a woodstove thermometer.


Even well-engineered woodstoves must be operated properly to achieve maximum efficiency. Many people burn their stoves unnecessarily “hot” and therefore fuel is wasted without generating additional room heat. Use a thermometer to know when the fire is consuming wood too fast, exceeding the manufacturer’s most efficient operating temperature zone.



It is impossible to know accurately, simply by looking at the flames, the temperatures of your woodstove and chimney flue. The thermometer warns you when your fire is too hot for your woodstove. Extend its service lifetime, by avoiding damage to metal components.



When under-fired, woodstove fires are smoky, causing fire hazard from creosote tar build-up in the stovepipe. A woodstove thermometer tells you when your fire temperature is too cool, and again informs you when optimum temperature is achieved, so you can decelerate your burn rate before the woodstove gets too hot.


Instructions for Use

Condar thermometers attach magnetically, directly to metal flue pipe. Optimal location is 30 cm above the top of the stove. Each thermometer comes with a cool-touch bail for ease of movement. The bail, a flip-up stainless steel handle, can be used to reposition the thermometer.

Guidelines for Temperature Readings

Consult your stove manufacturer's manual for precise temperature recommendations. See below for approximate guidelines on a single-wall flue pipe:


Less than 110°C: Temperature too low. Incomplete combustion, causing smoke, soot and hazardous creosote. Open draft and/or add dry fuel.


110°C to 250°C: Safe operating temperature. Complete combustion and best efficiency.


Greater than 250°C: Wasting energy, possibly overheating. While high temperatures are often reached on initial firing, should not be maintained for normal operation.


Note: For Condar standard magnetic stovepipe thermometers, bright silver on black aluminium base, please visit our Stovepipe Thermometers page. Your choice of French / English, German / Italian, or Spanish-language designs and packaging.


Note: Stovepipe thermometers are NOT intended for stove top or the hotter surfaces of a fireplace insert. OR, if you have inaccessible flue pipe, please see the correct thermometer on our Woodstove Top Thermometer page.



Das Thermometer funktioniert sehr gut, und wir haben damit gerade gestern einen Defekt im Kaminofen gefunden. Damit hat sich der Kauf auf jeden Fall gelohnt.

Christian Bräuner, München

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