STEELCAT Catalytic Combustor for Vermont Castings Federal Woodstoves

A Genuine Condar STEELCAT Catalytic Combustor
fabricated at our factory in the foothills of Western North Carolina.

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SteelCat is now available. This advanced technology offers you:

- A more durable honeycomb. Can’t crack or crumble, even at highest operating temperatures.

- Less build-up of wood ash, within the honeycomb cells. Sharp steel edges actually “cut” ash as it goes up the flue. Better air flow, less cleaning maintenance.

- Lower “light-off” temperature. Engage your draft bypass at 60 degrees lower temperature than with ceramic honeycomb.

- Steel heats up faster than ceramic. Recovers more usable heat from wood smoke.

A worthwhile extra expenditure for better performance!

This 15cm diameter by 5cm deep combustor fits the following stoves:

- ALL Dutchwest model woodstoves

- Earthstove 1000C

- Vermont Castings Federal and Seneca woodstoves


A Combustor Gasket is included at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Combustors may, or may not, require a gasket to ensure a good fit inside the stove. This depends on the particular stove design. 

Included with this SteelCat combustor is CatGard gasket material. You should not need an extra gasket with your order. The CatGard gasket is located under the black paper tape surrounding it. DO NOT remove black paper tape prior to installation. After you install in your stove, the heat and steam of combustion will expand the gasket, for a tight seal.  


Note: The black paper tape around the expandable gasket holds it in place during installation. It isn’t necessary to remove this tape, because it will burn away the first time you utilize your catalytic combustor. Remove this tape or the gasket only if your new combustor won’t fit, otherwise, into your woodstove.


Visit to learn more about combustor gaskets and how they work.

 Catalytic Probe Thermometer

Catalytic probe thermometers allow you to monitor combustor performance, and maximize life-expectancy. Choose Condar items # 3-142 (2,5cm Probe) or #3-194 (6,4cm Probe) for your Dutchwest stove. Click here to purchase.

When to replace your combustor

After 12,000 hours of use, a combustor is expected to have lost 25% of its catalytic function.  This is a natural process called “wear-out.”  Molecules of platinum and palladium aren’t actually lost, but their binding to smoke pollutants that can’t be removed by maintenance means gradually your woodstove will recover less heat from the smoke.  Gradually you’ll notice less warmth, and eventually you’ll see dark pollutants from your chimney.  (White steam is a normal emission from any EPA-approved woodstove, and water vapor is a natural harmless byproduct of catalytic reaction.)

Conscientious owners replace their combustors after roughly 12,000 hours even if the combustor is intact. The payback from your additional heat recovery is well worth your cost.



Great catalyzer for my Dutchwest stove. I was able to change it quickly and easily. Delivery from woodlaneshop was fast and accurate.

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